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How to do your makeup good

makeup good

Must know makeup tips that no one told you

Life is wonderful when you know all the secret tips and tricks just like make-up artist. Instead of spending hours just to get the desired look, we disclose some of the easiest and quick tips that would help to save time and to professional look.
Applying makeup plays an important role to make you look younger, older or even scary. It is some kind of magic that can tone down your chubby face or even make it a broad one.
The trend of putting up to much make-up has changed to light and natural look.  So now be it your wedding, a casual gathering or friend’s hangout, here’s your call to learn the following tips that can help you look fresh and young.

             To give lift to the lips, apply concealer at the corners.

             For bigger and brighter eyes, apply black color as it makes the eye appear smaller and brown shade for softer look.

             Add Aloe Vera to foundation to give it an excellent slip.

             Choose the powder eye shadow that goes with your hair color and use brow brush to apply.

             For thick lashes, apply dark brown or black waterproof eyeliner to the upper rim of your eye.

             For the right color of foundation, test on your lower cheek or jaw line. If it disappears, then that is your match.

             If your lips are dry, do not peel off. Apply lip balm or petroleum jelly. Then use a toothbrush to remove dead skin. You will get soft, smooth lips.

             To let your eyes pop and look brighter and beautiful, use white cream or pearl eye shadow. Apply on the inner corner of the eyes, under the bone of brow, and eyelid center.

             Put the mascara tube inside a mug with hot water. Your mascara will be good as new for your next application.

             For perfect mascara on the bottom lashes, use a business card or plastic spoon. This is best way to not let the mascara touch your skin.

             Keep all make up products in a cool and dry place for long life.

             If you want to curl your lashes easily, heat it with up blow dryer and hold the curler right next to the dryer for about 5 seconds.

             After shower our pores get opened, so it’s best time to pluck our eyebrows.

             Never rub the concealer, always use ring finger as it is the softest and best for application.

             To pop up your eyes apply shimmery shadow to the corners.

             To get the shiny and hydrated soft skin, mix concealer with moisturizer.

             Oil your nail to make them live longer.

             Apply moisturizing cream just after the washing hands to keep them soft.

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